About Mardi, The Natural Healer

The Natural Healer

Understanding the importance of our connection with nature for health and vitality is key. Mardi works with her clients to get to the cause of their concerns and work on a long-term plan for health and vitality.  With a  particular interest in connecting us with nature Mardi shows us that these natural cycles are reflected in our own life. 

Her research into the inner feminine knowledge that has been repressed for centuries reveals that this internal intelligence can be awakened in all of us. 

Mardi’s approach to healing brings numerous modalities together to create a unique way to support her clients as they rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer Consultation

Meet Mardi Brisbane

Mardi is a Natural Healer with a background in Nutrition, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine, yoga, energy & sound healing. She lives in Norman Park, Brisbane where she works as a Naturopath, Yoga Teacher and Energy/Sound healer.

Whilst she acknowledges the need for both masculine and feminine energy in society, she believes the oppression of women over recent centuries has had a detrimental effect on society.  Mardi specializes in re-connecting women with their natural feminine energy, including the menstrual, moon and seasonal cycles.  She believes that reawakening this internal intelligence is the key to all aspects of women’s health and the future of our planet. 

Mardi regularly runs workshops to empower women and support the awakening of their feminine knowledge.  In 2020, she was invited to present this  at Seven Sisters Festival (the biggest online women’s festival) and presented in- person at the 2022 festival.  She is a fellow of ATMS (Australian Tradtional Medicine Society) and presents webinars during Natural Medicine Week for ATMS and Women’s Health week for Jean Hailes Foundation. 

With a mix of yoga, medical science and traditional medicine, Mardi’s background provides a unique perspective and she is honoured to share this knowledge with her community.


Mardi's Philosophy

Mardi’s philosophy in natural health runs parallel with nature: seasonal changes are Earth’s way of creating RENEWAL, REGENERATION & GROWTH and our body/mind/spirit work in a similar way to rejuvenate and heal. There is a strong relationship between emotions held within your body and physical symptoms of discomfort or dis-ease.

As a naturopath, Mardi offers her clients individual care. Using natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary changes that build on the basics to slowly empower each individual to create a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Sound healing is a  tool she uses to support every body to hijack the stress response and bring it back into a state more conducive to rejuvenation and repair.

Why Work With Mardi

Mardi is most passionate about reconnecting women’s individual natural cycles with the cycles of nature. She believes that this reconnection provides a physical, mental and emotional balance – the key to health and wellbeing.

Mardi works either on a 1:1 basis or in group workshops to guide people on their path toward increased vitality and rejuvenation. A celebration of cycles and connecting personal lives to nature makes her workshops and treatment plans unique.

How Mardi Works With You

Mardi’s style of treatment involves a collaboration with her clients to determine current health concerns & develop a plan that will steer each individual toward optimum health through RENEWAL, REGENERATION and GROWTH.

This incorporates changes to diet & lifestyle, herbal medicine and sometimes supplements as well as building physical and mental practices. Mardi’s goal is always to build the body’s vital force to enable a natural return to equilibrium.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer Consultation


Mardi’s fascination with nature’s healing powers began in 1999, when she first felt her kundalini rising* during a grounding meditation. Following this epiphany she began formal study and qualified in 2005 with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (NatureCare) and a BSc: Complementary Medicine (Charles Sturt University) 2006.

Her connection to mind/body/spirit has continued to grow with her regular practice of yoga and meditation. She is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and became a Yoga Teacher in 2017. Mardi has operated a successful Naturopathy clinic in Norman Park, Brisbane for the past 12 years.