Winter Solstice & Sound bath

Prepare for the New Sun Year with Sound and Ceremony


for your mind, body and spirit

This ceremony involves a process that includes reflection time and setting of intentions for the coming year.
This is not an “airy fairy” new age activity, it involves a technique that will support this intention to turn into a reality in your life.

If you are looking for an experience that not only soothes your body mind and soul. but supports your deepest desires,
then this  WINTER SOLSTICE event is it.

On top of that the healing session will bring to you a sense of calm and peace that will last for days and even weeks after the event

* Find out more about the Benefits of Sound Healing  here

Making time to cleanse and clear your energy, honour your light and dark (yin/yang) energies and taking part in ceremony allows you to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance, creating harmony within and around you.

a person playing crystal quartz bowls

In a beautiful setting in Norman Park

You will be immersed into an environment of supportive sound and energy. 

The room will be cleared of any negative energy so you will feel like you are entering a haven of blissful peace (and that’s before we even get started!).

We will start with Winter Solstice ceremony, including an intention setting activity, follow with a yoga nidra and then sound healing vibrations.

  • Your energy field will be cleared as the healing vibrations penetrate your body on a cellular level
  • Your chakra energy fields will be re-calibrated to bring your body back into equilibrium, creating healing on all levels. AND
  • your whole being will experience the benefit of this ceremonial event
Following the session you will be served a specially blended herbal tea to support your body and complement the healing experience.

Energy & Sound Healing Booking

Bookings are now open for the next event

PRICE: $65

Early bird price: $50

use coupon code:  EBOFFER

(available until June 9th)

Arrive before 6:20pm to receive an energy clearing
& set yourself up for a beautiful experience

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About the Presenter

Mardi Brisbane, a local (Norman Park) naturopath, energy healer & yoga teacher has been empowering Brisbane women through natural connection and conscious living for the past decade.