4 weeks to Reboot your System

& reset your stress response

Is May the month you start to live a calmer, more stress free life?

Learn how to switch


stressed out


cool, calm & collected

This  IS NOT about putting another “to-do” item in your already hectic schedule.

It is designed for you to walk out feeling calm and relaxed


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Not only that:

each week you will build on strategies to short-wire the stress response and
bring that knowledge into your every day activities.

Once you know how the brain wiring works,
you can immediately start to
short-circuit the old habits
and build in new responses.

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This 4 week Program
held locally in Norman Park 

will start your journey from a life of

stress, drama and a racing mind
cool, calm and connected

Connected to your body,
connected to your heart and
connected to those around you.

Ready to sign up now?

This is the key to living a stress-less existence.

Not only do you find out how to re-wire your responses,
you get to practice the techniques whilst your
body, mind and spirit are 
reset and re-energized each week during a

1 hour sound bath.

A sound bath is where you lie (or sit) in a calm space of relaxing sounds which
wash over your entire body and mind.
The healing vibrations enter your cells & attune them to their natural state of calm and peace.


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STARTS Wednesday, May 1st,  7:00pm

in Norman Park

There are only 15 positions available in this program.
Sign-up now to confirm your place and get set to


Still not sure? Here are just a few things people have said about being part of my workshops:

“ I’ve been flat out in my head, so it was really good to just kind of feel into my body rather than spend all my time up here (in head) with all the thoughts spinning around” – A.C.

“I’m blown away – the sound really gets into your whole body and I felt my body release (the stress)” K.G.

“We measure success in society in so many stressful ways – around being busy.  I’ve found something that will help me connect with the success of feeling into my own energy, and the tranquillity there is what I’ve been looking for”  – M.P.

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That’s 4 group stress reset sessions combined with 4 sound bath sessions individually valued at over $400, plus additional support check-ins along the way.

Do you find yourself waking up each day worried about your life and that of your family?
Are you feeling yourself going into a stressful response multiple times a day?
Do you ever unexepectedly experience shortness of breath, tension around your torso and a general feeling of uneasiness?

You are not alone, millions of people all over the world are suffering from a state of  stress anxiety from their day to day life and current events around the world.

Would you rather feel:

  • Calm and relaxed;
  • A sense of ease move back into your body; and
  • Ready to enjoy your life again?

Learn how to reset your body.  Change your body’s stress response from “fight/flight” mode to “rest and relax“.

Busy lives are full of stressful situations which you can’t always avoid.  This 4 week reset lets you take ownership of how you respond to the stresses in your life so you can feel empowered and in control.

Over 4 weeks, Mardi will lead you through how your body reacts to stress and the different ways you can re-set that response. 

These sessions are held in-person once a week for 4 weeks.

Take this opportunity to tune-out of all the drama and tune-in to your body and create a feeling of calm and ease.

This 4 week program begins Wednesday, May 1st

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Want to take it a step further?  Connect with Mardi to find out if a one-on-one consultation is right for you.

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How it works

Live on-line tutorial each day at 7am: