navigating mid life for women

How to thrive during perimenopause and menopause

The the transition to Menopause - "Perimenopause" is a process that awakens women to their body's needs.

For Women’s Health Week 2023, Mardi Brisbane, a naturopath, meditation and yoga teacher will host a number of events including live Q&A, webinars and in-person events to address different aspects of women’s health. This not only includes the challenges of perimenopause: the transition to menopause, but also stress and sleep which are two of the most common health issues in our society. Each event discusses natural treatment options with explanations to help you understand the changes women go through on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

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NOTE: Some events are free and some are low paid events where all profits go to the Jean Hailes Foundation. 


At the Natural Healer, we want every woman to get the advice she needs.  If you are suffering financial difficulties, and would like to attend a paid event, please contact Mardi HERE.

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Menopause is more than just physical changes. At mid-life a woman’s body is changing on all levels. Learn about what this means for you and how this major life transition is important for all women to acknowledge and address.  Discover underlying factors that create the emotional, psychological, and physical changes during peri-menopause and find out how you can optimise your experience.

Price: – For a short time as part of Women’s Health Week, 2023 – This event is free until 5 September 2023
Where:  Online webinar midday Monday, 4th September 
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With wild fluctuations of hormones at puberty, we expect our teenagers to express the emotional highs and lows but what about at perimenopause? These hormones are often the cause of our Stress, Anxiety and Depression which is common during the transition to menopause (even if you have never experienced this before).

In this 30 minute webinar, Mardi Brisbane, a naturopath, meditation and yoga teacher explains the reason behind our thoughts and feelings and how natural remedies are often overlooked (but very effective) way to address this stage of your life.

Price: – $25   Where:  Online webinar midday Tuesday 5th Sept
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Sleep disturbances are one of the most common signs that menopause is approaching.  Find out why this occurs and what you can do to improve your sleep health.

Price: – $25  Where: Online webinar midday Wednesday 6th Sept
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Activating and Toning the Vagus Nerve is the KEY to improving your ability to cope with stress – both physically and mentally.  Improve your health in so many ways with these 8 easy ways to activate this stress busting system.

Where:  Online webinar    Wednesday, 6th September 2023 at 12:00pm

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Mardi Brisbane is a naturopath & yoga teacher who combines her skills  (see below) to provide a most comprehensive approach to menopause.  Mardi’s workshops support women transitioning to menopause by addressing physical, mental and spiritual elements using nutrition, herbal medicine, movement, breath-work, meditation and energetic healing.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer

Although these are  paid events, a credit equal to the amount paid will be applied for future consultation/workshop series
(valid for 3 months from the date of the webinar)

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