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Natural Medicine Week 2024

For Natural Medicine Week 2024, Mardi Brisbane, a naturopath, yoga instructor and sound/energy healer will host a number of online events based around a common theme of reducing stress and helping people integrate their body, mind and spirit    Each webinar discusses how the body deals with stress and the current successful natural treatment options to help you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

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Mardi will explain the benefits of sound healing and how it works on multiple levels of the mind and body. She will then present a live sound healing experience for all participants to feel for themselves. This event is scheduled late so that participants can enjoy the deep relaxation before heading to bed to allow the benefits to carry through for the whole night.

Price: – $15

Understanding your body’s stress response is the key to feeling less stressed AND we all have the ability to create calm in the face of chaos. Use these hacks to make a big difference in how your body and mind react to stressful situations.

Price: – free

From Sleep disturbances to the Stress Response and of course our Reproductive Health, HORMONES are the reason our bodies react the way they do.   Find out how you can help support your health through diet, supplements, natural medicines and lifestyle to encourage the right hormones to be produced at the right time.

Price: – $5.00

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Mardi Brisbane is a naturopath & yoga teacher who combines her skills  (see below) to provide a most comprehensive approach to women’s health and menopause.  Mardi’s workshops support women  by addressing physical, mental and spiritual elements using nutrition, herbal medicine, movement, breath-work, meditation and energy & sound healing.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer

Although these are  paid events, a credit equal to the amount paid will be applied for future consultation/workshop series
(valid for 3 months from the date of the webinar)