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Cancellation policy

We know that at times things can change and you may need to reschedule your appointment.


We value your time and our time. To enable The Natural Healer can accommodate all our clients consultations, we require 48hrs notice of any change to or cancellation of your appointment.

If you do not provide appropriate notice you may be charged a cancellation fee up to 50% cost of your consultation.  Please contact The Natural Healer to notify any changes to your appointment as soon as possible.  Likewise, should Mardi need to reschedule, you will be notified ASAP and another appointment arranged.

Any money paid in advance, for an appointment ,that is cancelled within the time-frame required, will be refunded, less the service fee charged to The Natural Healer by the payment provider (Stripe), Refunds will be made within 7 days of the written request.

Please read “Other Conditions “below

Treatment Packages Cancellation policy

The price of the consultations and packages covers the time during the consultation as well as the research, expertise, knowledge and time used by Mardi to create an individual treatment plan. Which will include any supplements and medicine’s recommended as well as diet and lifestyle changes. 

Package deals do not include the cost of any tests, vitamins, minerals, supplements, or  postage of herbal medicines.  If there are extra medicines required, payment for the medicine and shipping is to be done when ordered. The supplements/herbal medicine will be mailed out to the client and postage is to be paid by the client.

Orders will be sent out within 3 business days of consult (usually same day) and clients should receive them within 3-7 business days (depending on Australia Post delivery schedules)  Australia Post will deliver via signature delivery, unless requested otherwise. NB: Shipping costs are non refundable.

All Appointments of Treatment Packages must be used within the time allocated for that specific package. The date the first consultation occurs will be the indication of the package having commenced.

Naturopathic consults in package deals cannot be swapped with other clients once started, as it is an ongoing plan for the individual’s health and wellbeing.

Cancellation of part or any of the package deal will result in the forfeit of the remaining package treatments if unused. Which means no refunds or exchanges of money nor treatments.

Please read “Other Conditions “below

Workshops/Group Programs Cancellation and Participation Policy

All client registrations are signed up for the specific workshop date(s).  Transfers cannot be made between workshops of different dates.  I understand that life changes and under special circumstances, if the client has not yet started a specific workshop, they may be able to transfer to a different dated workshop, provided a replacement can be found for the original workshop.

Clients participating in specific workshops cannot swap with other clients once started, as it is an ongoing group workshop and changes in group members is not deemed appropriate for the wellbeing and confidentiality of each group member.

Cancellation or non-attendance of part or any of the workshop, once commenced will result in the forfeit of participation in each individual workshop date, if not attended. This means no refunds or exchanges of treatments or different workshops.

All participants in workshops will be requested to complete a confidentiality agreement regarding the personal information of any other participants in that workshop and the details discussed during the workshop.  Any breach of this confidentiality will result in the individual participant(s) being excluded from further participation in the workshop on future dates and forfeiture of any fees paid.

Please read “Other Conditions “below

ONLINE PROGRAMS Cancellation and Participation Policy

Once the content for the program has been sent out, there are no refunds.

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By signing up to a waitlist, you agree to receive notifications from Mardi, The Natural Healer about this program and regular newsletters which give information about this and other natural medicine news.

Other Conditions

Any money paid in advance, for an appointment/program/workshop, that is cancelled within the time-frame required, will be refunded, less the service fee charged to The Natural Healer by the payment provider (Stripe), Refunds will be made within 7 days of the written request.

  • As a client of Mardi Brisbane, The Natural Healer you are responsible for informing Mardi of any change to your personal details.
  • Mardi Brisbane, The Natural Healer is a qualified Naturopath, not a medical practitioner or doctor.
  • All herbal medicines can only be dispensed after a consultation and prescription authorised by Mardi Brisbane or another qualified naturopath/nutritionist.
  • All consultation fees, workshop fees and medicines are paid for prior to or at the time of commencement of consultation/workshop and no credit is provided.
  • The type of information collected will be of a personal, private and medical nature and will be kept confidential by Mardi Brisbane, The Natural Healer.
  • Case notes and all information is kept personal and private but may be reviewed by other qualified naturopaths/nutritionists as part of The Natural Healer, peer review and continual improvement process, no identifying data will be disclosed.
  • All personal documentation will be kept and stored as per government legislation requirements.

Contact Details

Email mardi@thenaturalhealer.com.au

Updated 8th May 2024