Sound & Energy healing:

Can be carried out in-person or online.

Looking for a unique event for your next company “bonding” session, sound bath could be it.  Proven to reduce stress and improve well-being, your staff will be more relaxed and more productive.

Or join in one of the monthly group sound healing sessions in Norman Park or Bulimba area

Building/House  Cleansing

Feeling stuck energy or getting “bad vibes” from an existing building?  Mardi has over 10 years experience with energy  cleansing in houses and buildings and changing the energetic feel of a room or a whole building. 
She  recently held a cleansing ceremony on a vacant block in preparation for the creation of a new building.

Want to know more or make a booking? Get in touch and we can talk about your specific needs.


Looking for a speaker for your next staff education event?

Mardi has experience presenting for corporate, women’s festivals and small business on:
Stress management
Hormone Health (Men & Women)
Sleep Health
Nutrition Advice
Mindfulness & Meditation
and more

These topics can be presented in

  • half-day seminars;
  • one hour webinars; or
  • weekly meditation and
  • yoga workshops

Choose what’s right for your company and create your own bespoke service.

Want something else?  Talk to Mardi and she will recommend something based on your needs.

Nature connection and Forest Bathing

  • Group events
  • Corporate retreats

Looking for a unique event for your next company “bonding” session – nature therapy is one of the latest healing modalities with proven results in reducing stress and improve overall physical and mental health.

Yoga & Meditation

Contact Mardi for one-off or ongoing events


Book in the 8 week corporate mindfulness and meditation program on offer.


are also available for purchase  Here’s a list of webinars Mardi  presented in 2023.

STRESS & THE VAGUS NERVE – 8 ways to tone down your stress response
MENOPAUSE – Physical, Mental & Spiritual Overhaul
STRESS. ANXIETY & DEPRESSION – during perimenopause – natural treatment options
IS SLEEP YOUR ACHILLES HEEL? – How to get to sleep & stay asleep

Recordings available here.

Other services

Want to find out if Mardi has something she can offer you?  Book in for a 15 minute obligation free chat and Mardi will recommend something based on your needs.

Need More Balance in Your Life?

Mardi offers a range of courses online and in-person.  Contact Mrdi  to find out what’s right for you and how to get started.