on Stress, Sleep, Menopause & Nature

Understand the causes behind our most common health challenges and find out how to regain your health with natural options:

Mardi Brisbane, a naturopath, nutritionist, yoga instructor and energy healer has recorded a webinar series on common life challenges that can be treated naturally. 
Each webinar discusses natural treatment options with explanations to help you understand why you are experiencing the challenges.  Mardi gives step by step instructions on how you can make changes to bring about more optimum physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

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Menopause is more than just physical changes. At mid-life a woman’s body is changing on all levels. Learn about what this means for you and how this major life transition is important for all women to acknowledge and address.  Discover underlying factors that create the emotional, psychological, and physical changes during peri-menopause and find out how you can optimise your experience.

Price: -$20
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Activating and Toning the Vagus Nerve is the KEY to inproving your ability to cope with stress – both physically and mentally.  Improve your health with these 8 easy ways to activate this stress busting system.

Price: -$20
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The Healing Powers of Nature

Find out how Nature can heal your body, mind and spirit. Learn about the methods of healing that have been around for centuries and the new research that proves the benefits of nature exposure to health and vitality.

Price: -$20
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Find out why sleep issues are so common in western society.  Understand the causes and learn strategies to bring you back to a healthy and restful sleep cycle.

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Mardi Brisbane is a naturopath & yoga teacher who combines her skills  (see below) to provide a most comprehensive approach to natural health.  Mardi’s webinars provide practical support  by addressing  the cause of issues and practical steps you can take immediately to bring about improvements to your health and well-being.  She also offers valuable advice  from her toolkit of: nutrition, herbal medicine, movement, breath-work, meditation and energetic healing.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer

Although these are  paid events, a credit equal to the amount paid will be applied for future consultation/workshop series
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