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Webinar - Stress/Anxiety/Depression during Perimenopause – a natural approach

Stress, Anxiety and Depression (S/A/D) are a common sign in menopause, even if you have never experienced this before. Understand the physiological reason for this and how natural remedies are often overlooked (but very effective) way to address your S/A/D feelings and emotions.

Webinar - Menopause - Medical vs Natural Treatments - the latest research

Everything you wanted to know about the treatment options for menopause. Natural remedies vs the medical/pharmaceutical options. Mardi presents the latest research from both a natural therapies and medical perspective and how they work in a practical sense including the pitfalls and the benefits. There will be a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Webinar - Menopause and Sleep Issues - How to get to sleep and stay asleep

Sleep disturbances are one of the most common signs that menopause is approaching. Find out why this occurs and what you can do to improve your sleep health.

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Mardi Brisbane is a naturopath & yoga teacher who combines her skills  (see below) to provide a most comprehensive approach to menopause.  Mardi’s workshops support women transitioning to menopause by addressing physical, mental and spiritual elements using nutrition, herbal medicine, movement, breath-work, meditation and energetic healing.

Mardi Brisbane The Natural Healer