Webinars – Natural Medicine Week 2023

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The answers to your questions about perimenopause

Stress & the Vagus Nerve: 
8 ways to tone down your stress response & induce a sense of calm
Wednesday 24th May, 6:00-6:30pm
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Stress, Anxiety and Depression during Perimenopause:  a natural approach
Thursday 25nd May,  7:00-7:30pm
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Is Sleep your Achilles Heal?  How to Get to Sleep & Stay Asleep – proven techniques and natural medicines
Friday 25nd May,  12:30-1:00pm
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Menopause: A Complete Overhaul – Mind / Body / Spirit 
Monday 29nd May,  12:30-1:00pm
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The Healing Powers of Nature
5 steps to develop your own technique to utilise natural healing powers
RESCHEDULED TO: Tuesday  30th May, 12:30-1:00pm
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