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white crescent moon in the sky

New Moon Energy

This new moon is an ideal time to get your creative tools out , whether that be painting, writing, music, whatever creative arts are for you.  Put away your screens and get inspired. If we allow space in our lives for this we create an environment conducive to accessing our intuition, inspiration and get closer to our dreams and passions and at the same time create healing and transformation.

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Nature exposure for mental and physical health

Being out in nature just makes you feel good, but more than that, there is actually a growing body of evidence that proves beyond doubt that exposure to nature benefits your health. In our modern urban environment, we are way less aware of our natural environment. We can sometimes go for days without getting up

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Offerings at The Natural Healer in May

nce you are aware that you are in a state of stress, there’s some very useful natural techniques that you can use to consciously bring you out of the stress state. If you want to know how to reduce yourself to a state of cool, calm and collected, this Wednesday 24th May at 6:00pm I have just the webinar for you… I have been a busy little bee during this month preparing for my 5 webinars during Natural Medicine Week, which is finally here!

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