New Moon Energy

March 10th 2024

The last couple of weeks there has been some astrological changes with the energy  bringing somethings in our life to a natural completion. On an individual sense there may have been something in your life that has ended: hard conversations held; or boundaries needing to be set, this is tiring not just physically but on all realms of our body/mind/spirit.  Along with that comes overwhelm and exhaustion. The new moon energy gives us an opportunity to acknowledge that and allow a rest period before we enter the new astrological year that begins later this month at the start of Aries.

Its good to use this current time for reflection as opposed to action because the lunar and planetary forces support this. Life is a cycle, we shouldn’t try to always be in action mode.  There is always need for some downtime before you take action, but our society doesn’t work this way – it is very masculine driven energy, which is all about being bright and light ALL the time.  But as you may know, we are heading into a 20 year cycle of feminine energy and things are starting to change. 

Feminine energy, allows time and space for natural cycles and the new moon is the ideal time to rest, re-evaluate and prepare your resources (from within).  If you work with these natural energies you will find your life will be much easier and you will be supported by the energies around you.  Why try to swim upstream when you can go with the flow. 

We have just entered the phase where Mercury (the planet of travel, the mind & communication) is coming into its power so this is a good time for study, learning and or teaching/mentoring.

This new moon is in Pisces, along with it’s planetary ruler, Neptune (both water signs) amplify our sensitive side, meaning our compassion, intuition and imagination will also be heightened. Its an ideal time to get your creative tools out , whether that be painting, writing, music, whatever creative arts are for you.  Put away your screens and get inspired. If we allow space in our lives for this we create an environment conducive to accessing our intuition, inspiration and get closer to our dreams and passions and at the same time create healing and transformation.

Questions to ask yourself as your start this process are:

  • What is it that you want to bring into your life? What are your dreams and passions?
  • Is there something you need to let go of/release in order to make space for this?
  • What is one thing you can do to make a commitment to yourself that works towards this thing you want to create/bring in/evolve? In other words what action(s) will bring the most meaningful rewards

The planetary elements and energies are here now to support you to take practical action towards your passion and purpose.

During the new moon energy (a day or two either side of the new moon) it is time to slow down, allow your body and min time to rest so you can notice how your body feels.

All too often we don’t let ourselves to feel into our body: we get caught up in the day to day activities and don’t let our spirit thrive to access our intuitive healing parts. That’s when we start to suppress and depress our feelings. This causes dis-ease within all aspects of ourselves: body – we start to get jittery/anxious; mind – we can’t seem to concentrate and get things done or forget things; spirit – we lose our sense of purpose.

Expressing your unique gifts to the world is something that this New moon is urging you to start planning for.  Activating your love, passion and creativity is a great way to get into this zone. Using a journal might help you uncover and release some self-sabotaging patterns or unconscious blocks that are preventing you from stepping into your true path. Journalling doesn’t have to be works, it can be drawing, doodling, playing – colouring in, anything that gives your mind freedom and allows for expression to flow. Give yourself permission for all emotions to be truly felt in your body – let them flow through you as you create – without judgement or any negative self-talk.  Become unattached to the story – become an independent observer of your thoughts.

Allowing for creativity can send us into altered states and allows you to uncover what it is you are looking for – your deepest inner knowledge. This is a time of great sensitivity and creativity – use this , surrender (your conscious mind) to allow for the flow – for healing and for recovery. 

This is radical self-care. It’s time to embrace your feminine energy all let your life flow with the natural energies.

I’d love to hear how you go – even if it is about the difficulties you face. feel free to send me an email (us contact us above) and let me know.



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