Dangers of the Pill and other contraceptives

I know there are many women out there who believe that modern science has given us the greatest gift in the ability to have more control over pregnancy. I agree with the premise BUT at what cost?

Synthetic hormones produced by pharmaceutical companies can have devastating affects on our hormonal health: it’s not that easy to replace the natural hormones produced within our own body. The “problems” these hormone altering drugs are designed to help, are usually just pushed underground (back into the body). I understand women often take these because the symptoms are painful and women just want relief, but again I say – at what cost? Women are often not given enough information on the potential long-term affects these drugs can have.

In some ways I believe our health system is broken – it’s just a band-aid system, to treat the symptoms and not get down to the true cause of the issues. In many cases, it is only when a women comes off these contraceptives she realises the problem was masked – not fixed. It is a little like putting a plug on top of a volcano – the build up continues and it either erupts elsewhere or, once the plug is removed, the hot molten lava is still there ready to emerge.

If we acknowledge the problem and get busy treating the true cause we can reduce a lot of the pain down the track. The more the natural cycle is suppressed, the more chances of health issues. There are many natural products such as plant/herbal medicine and supplements that could be the saviour to help regulate a woman’s cycle and treat the true cause of “period problems” but because most GPs are not trained in the use of these tools, they do not prescribe them.

Alternately, women who trust in their natural cycle and use this to guide and inform them as to what’s going on in their bodies are far less likely to need any intervention in the first place. If every doctor who saw a client for period problems could refer them on to a naturopath or other natural therapist who has experience in supporting women and helping resolve issues naturally we would all be better off. Well, everyone except the pharmaceutical companies that make money out of the unwellness industry!

If you’re a woman with health challenges, looking for support, get in touch. I’m here to help guide you in a way that allows you to take control of your health now and in the future.



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