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New Moon Energy

This new moon is an ideal time to get your creative tools out , whether that be painting, writing, music, whatever creative arts are for you.  Put away your screens and get inspired. If we allow space in our lives for this we create an environment conducive to accessing our intuition, inspiration and get closer to our dreams and passions and at the same time create healing and transformation.

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Spring Equinox 2023

Spring Equinox is a celebration of the time of year that brings forward more light. There is a shift in balance of light/darkness. Because Equinox is all about balance it’s beneficial to examine what is happening in your life right now and identify where to can create greater balance.

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April 2023 & All Saints Day

If you have been thinking about working with me for a while, and want a taste of what I offer for about 10% the price, then sign up to one (or more) of 5 webinars and this will be taken off the price of your first consultation. Here’s what I am presenting for Natural Medicine Week – 22 – 28th May, 2023:

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Why does Easter differ each year?

The date of Easter however, changes because it is based around the moon cycles and the March equinox (spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere).

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March Newsletter from The Natural Healer

Want the low down on what’s happening in the natural health world this season? Then read on… Plus you’ll find a link to how you can have the most blissful, relaxing and rejuvenating Friday night next week

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Autumn Equinox

Equinox is a time to look at balance in our lives – a time to take stock of what we have and do. It could be that we decide to go the extra mile to complete something that is almost done or decide to stop pursuing something that is no longer beneficial. No matter where you are in your life…

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February Newsletter

Well didn’t January just fly on by? Here’s some offerings for you, that might just be the thing you’re looking for to kickstart 2023 – the year of the rabbit. an easy breakfast recipe that involves chocolate a way to make the never ending question -“What’s for dinner?” a thing of the past & reduce

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A turn in the Wheel of the Year The word Imbolc is Old Irish for “in the belly.” It’s also known as Oimelc, Lady Day, and, in Christianity, Candlemas or St. Brigid’s Day. Known as one of the cross-quarter days – represents the true beginning of spring. because although the days have started to lengthen

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Welcome the Winter Solstice

ON June 21st we will Welcome to Winter Solstice (if you’re in the southern hemisphere) where, we arrive at the shortest day of the year – hooray.  Under the Wheel of the Year, this is recognised as the beginning of the new sun year, because from here on, the amount of light in a 24

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Autumn Equinox

Even though we officially marked Autumn as 1st March, the equinox is the actual transition into autumn in the Southern Hemisphere (In the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox is at this same time). From here…

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