Sound & Energy Healing Aftercare



It’s Important to look after yourself after a healing session. Even if you don’t physically notice anything different. There are lots of things moving and shifting around in and out of your body, and this aftercare practice will help support that.

  • Water intake
    • At least 2L/day for next 3 days of WATER or herbal tea
      • Helps cleansing process
  • Emotions
    •  be aware you could have stirred up some suppressed emotions
    • Warn your loved ones
    • Be gentle with yourself
  • Journal
    • Write down your physical, mental and emotional feelings
    • Even things that don’t seem connected
    • Taking notes helps to clarify (especially when you look back on them in a month or so time)
  • Acceptance & letting go
    • Allow uncomfortable feelings tobe felt in your body instead of pushing away (this takes practice!)
  • Check-in with Mardi



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