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white crescent moon in the sky

New Moon Energy

This new moon is an ideal time to get your creative tools out , whether that be painting, writing, music, whatever creative arts are for you.  Put away your screens and get inspired. If we allow space in our lives for this we create an environment conducive to accessing our intuition, inspiration and get closer to our dreams and passions and at the same time create healing and transformation.

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Sound & Energy Healing Aftercare

Even if you don’t physically notice anything different. There are lots of things moving and shifting around in and out of your body, and this aftercare practice will help support that.

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Tuning Forks as Sound Healing Therapy – How does it work?

We are on the brink of a new wave of health and healing: instead of the old medical model that compartmentalizes illness and treats one system at a time. Start your journey into sound and energy healing using tuning forks, or any other type of sound therapy, book in for a one-on-one or group sound healing session

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The Beneficial Effects of Sound Healing range far and wide.

It continually astounds me that despite many ancient cultures using “alternative” medicine for treating and healing chronic illness, it is only when western medical science can “prove” a technique works that it is then accepted and sound healing is a perfect example of that

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Stress & the Vagus Nerve

Have you ever noticed that if you consciously stop what you are doing and notice your breathing pattern, that the simple act of paying attention can slow down your breathing

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