Tuning Forks as Sound Healing Therapy – How does it work?

We are on the brink of a new wave of health and healing: instead of the old medical model that compartmentalizes illness and treats one system at a time (such as respiratory, cardiac or gastrointestinal systems, mental health), we are starting to realise that all body systems are interconnected and we need to treat the person as a whole. To treat only one body system, whilst ignoring the other interconnected parts is taking your car for a full service but only changing the oil: if we don’t clean or replace the oil filter the new oil isn’t going to be clean for long and the engine will continue to work but at sub optimum levels.

50 years ago, doctors believed that diet was not a big factor in how our bodies’ work, now there is enormous amounts of evidence that show what we consume affects not only our gastrointenstinal system, but other areas of our health such as our brain function and more. It has taken some time but western society is slowly waking up to the fact that all our body parts and systems are interrelated.

It’s time to enter the new paradigm, where we recognise our body, mind and spirit are part of one whole ecosystem where the people, creatures and other elements of the world we live in are all interrelated. Sound healing (using tuning forks, singing bowls, and other instruments) is a part of this change as it works on the body as a whole.

“All natural sounds emanating from natural acoustic instruments have a natural
beginning, middle and end – just like the life itself. There is a natural wave within each
sound, like the waves lapping on the shore. Your energy field recognises the natural
sounds and opens to receive its message. A tuning fork emits harmonics resonating in the
energy field and penetrates in the physical body.”

Fabien Maman


A tuning fork is usually a piece of metal (aluminium or steel) moulded into a U shape, When the tines (the two ends of the U) are struck against an object they vibrate which creates a resonance at a constant pitch . The pitch of a tuning fork varies according to the length of the two prongs (tines).

“Tuning forks are mostly used to produce a standard of pitch to tune other musical instruments, though they are also used to calibrate radar guns (e.g. for measuring the speed of vehicles); in gyroscopes and in clocks and watches.” – Sound Healing Academy Handbook – Level 2 Practitioner Diploma, 2016

During a sound healing session, it is the pure musical tone that is created by the combination of particular pitched tuning forks and/or other sound healing instruments, which creates a healing effect.

“A fundamental principle of sound healing is that physical, emotional and mental symptoms
are being generated by an underlying energy field. Thus, if we change the energy field,
then the physical, emotional and mental behavior patterns will also change”

John Beaulieu

If you are ready to start your journey into sound and energy healing using tuning forks, or any other type of sound therapy, book in for a one-on-one or group sound healing session here:



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